Candy Jewel Factory Oven Picture    

Candy Jewel Factory Oven

   The gift every kid wants this year. 

Candy Jewel Factory Oven Picture

Candy Jewel Factory Oven   Candy Jewel Factory Oven Image


The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is one of the neatest gifts around.


It allows kids to make their own hard candy jewelry. These are items that can beat eaten or worn and reminds many of the Easy Bake Oven® or the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine® from year’s past.


The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is easy to use and actually allows the kids to make candy jewelry for their friends. The most popular kinds made are rings, lockets, and charms.  


This is a really nice Christmas or birthday present because it allows the kids to be creative in making candy jewelry and enjoy the fruits of their labors.


The kids love it because its candy after all, but also because they can make all kinds of candy jewelry. The product comes with all kinds of molds, candy pellets, and sprinkles to allow the kids to try out different things. In addition, you are given ring bases and plastic lockets to allow for candy rings and candy lockets.  


Another great feature of the candy jewel oven is that the candy can be eaten at anytime. This is great news for parents who might otherwise be concerned
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about this issue. Basically, you can rest easy knowing your daughter can play with this candy oven and not be concerned about the effects.  


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Be sure to order your item today to avoid disappointment.


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Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewel Factory Oven: Company Information


The company that makes this product, Jakks Pacific, Inc.® has a number of different product lines.


You may already be familiar with the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker® which was very popular in 2008. However, the Girl Gourmet Sweets® line is poised to be even stronger with one of its best products, our very own, Candy Jewel Factory Oven or Candy Jewel Factory.


They have this product set for release on July 1st, 2009 although you can already preorder it through our links. 


The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is great news for all those looking for a nice birthday gift or starting to think about Xmas presents. Also, this gift works well for many ages, although they recommend you avoid buying it for anyone 3 years or younger because the smaller candies may cause them to choke. Otherwise, this is a great gift for kids older than three. 


Check out the Candy Jewel factory Review section for what people have to say about this great product.


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